DIY Labs

View our DIY lab descriptions below. Each lab purchase come with all the materials and curriculum that you need to conduct the lab at your location. We're adding more all the time. 

Lab Descriptions

Game of Drones: Piloting

The Game of Drones: Piloting lab introduces youth to the physics of flight, the technology that enables drones to fly, and gives them an opportunity to learn to fly drones. Over four sessions, youth will learn through hands-on activities that promote critical thinking and collaboration in a fun and engaging environment.

I Am Wakanda: Hack-A-Drone

Over a two hour session, while working in teams, we will learn about drone technology and its connection to Wakanda and the movie Black Panther. During this 2 hour lab, we will ”hack” a drone and turn it into a hovercraft! Along the way, we’ll read blueprints and translate those blueprints into real parts that will compose the chassis for our hacked hovercraft. Finally, we will compete against other teams in a fun, low stakes racing competition. May the best built Hack-A-Drone win!

Intro. to Artificial Intelligence

We'll explore how voice user interfaces (VUIs) are becoming more commonplace within our society. We'll learn how these artificially intelligent machines receive, decipher, and process our voices, faces, and even our likes and dislikes. We’ll also build and compete with our hand-built VUIs after learning about the components needed to create a simple voice assistant.

LEGO Boost Robotics

In this lab, we will build a robot made of LEGO blocks and electronic components that will allow us to program its movements. We will learn what a robot is as well as how to read assembly drawings so that we may assembly our robot using the included drawings. We will also learn a simple programming language to control our robots.
Finally, students will compete against each other in a timed obstacle course, and targeting competition.

Droid Programming

Learn the basics of programming and robotics using Sphero Mini. This labs introduces learners to the fundamentals of programming by engaging their sense of play and competition. Over 4 hours, we'll learn what programming is and how we can use it to command robots, computers, and even humans to do our bidding! Packed with hours of "out-your-seat" activities, this lab will awaken the tiny programmer or roboticists in your young learners.

3D Pens & Prototyping

In this lab, students will learn about the engineering design process (EDP) and how it's used to develop and improve prototypes. Learners will develop their fine motor skills become accustomed to reading, following directions, and working in teams to accomplish a task. The engineering design process takes center stage in this hands-on lab. Using the EDP students will imagine, design, and build an accessory for Iron Man's next suit. Finally, together in teams, the students will present their designs to the class and explain their process and thoughts.

I Am Wakanda: Magnetic Levitation

Learn about magnetic levitation while building mini trains and learning about their connection to Wakanda. This FREE 1 hour workshop includes learning, building, and playing as young learners discover the science behind how maglev works and build simple trains to compete.

I Am Wakanda: Intro. to 3D Modeling

Learn the basics of 3D modeling.
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