Host STEAM labs for youth in YOUR community--and make money doing it!

We're a mission-driven EdTech company focused on eradicating STEM deserts. Join us by using our OASIS labs in your community gathering spot. You'll be part of our mission to expose EVERY child to quality STEAM learning/experiences, no matter where they are. In addition, you'll be able to make extra cash while supporting future innovators and technologists.

How It Works

"Just Press Play!"

Play the videos and follow along as the video instructor teaches the class and directs the coaches (that's you). No training is required--you only need to be able to play videos and facilitate the lab.  As an OASIS Live "Coach" you will have access to our online labs. You will be able to market, sell, and deliver our OASIS labs to youth in your community, thus helping us in our mission to create a STEM OASIS (i.e. Open Access to STEAM in Informal Settings).


Fill out our short application to get approved for the level that you select (see below). All levels require a background check before you're able to coach a lab.


You'll get access to our online training so that you're ready to go out and deliver the OASIS labs as a certified STEM Coach.


On the dates/times you schedule, show up and facilitate the OASIS lab(s) in your community (i.e. library, community center, or school).


When you host the labs, you'll get paid based on the level at which you're approved (see below). Host as many labs as your schedule allows. Hourly wages for the Gig and Side Hustle option range from $15 to $75!
multiple ways to earn


We'll connect you with organizations that want STEM for their youth. Coach a lab, earn a flat fee. Accept gigs at your discretion. This option is most similar to a traditional job but with more flexibility.


Earn up to $75 an hour to Coach a lab. You'll rely on your marketing ability to establish relationships in your community and secure contracts. We'll give you the tools you need to succeed.


Want a "STEM business in a box?" The Startup option allows you full autonomy to charge (and earn) whatever your market can bear. We'll provide you with all the tools and support that you need.

Our Labs

Host our exciting STEM labs designed to introduce youth to the technologies that will impact their futures. More labs are being added all the time!
  • Game of Drones: Piloting

    The Game of Drones: Piloting lab introduces youth to the physics of flight, the technology that enables drones to fly, and gives them an opportunity to learn to fly drones. Over four sessions...

    I Am Wakanda: Magnetic Levitation

    Learn about magnetic levitation while building mini trains and learning about their connection to Wakanda. This FREE 1 hour workshop includes learning, building, and playing as...
  • LEGO Boost Robotics

    In this lab, we will build a robot made of LEGO blocks and electronic components that will allow us to program its movements. We will learn what a robot is as well as how ...

    Droid Programming

    Learn the basics of programming and robotics using Sphero Mini. This labs introduces learners to the fundamentals of programming by engaging their sense of play and competition. Over 4 hours...
  • 3D Pens & Prototyping

    In this lab, students will learn about the engineering design process (EDP) and how it's used to develop and improve prototypes. Learners will develop their fine motor skills...

    Intro. to Artificial Intelligence

    We'll explore how voice user interfaces (VUIs) are becoming more commonplace within our society. We'll learn how these artificially intelligent machines receive, decipher, and process our voice...
  • I Am Wakanda: Hack-A-Drone

    Over a two hour session, while working in teams, we will learn about drone technology and its connection to Wakanda and the movie Black Panther. During this 2 hour lab, we will ”hack”...

    Coming Soon-
    I Am Wakanda: Intro. to 3D Modeling

    Learn the basics of 3D modeling.

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What Are the Benefits?

OASIS Live labs also deliver the following benefits...
For Coaches
Earn money while making an impact
Flexible schedule
Inspire young learners
Learn valuable skills
Your own "Business in a box"
For Students
Hands-on learning
Highly engaging
Exposure to emerging technologies
Encourages collaboration
Fun and inspiring
For Schools/Organizations
Standards-aligned curriculum
In-person facilitator
Project based learning
Meets parents' demand for STEAM

I'm ready to go! What's next?



Submit a short application to get the process started. This is the first step. You should understand what's required to get started i.e. cost, effort, etc. BEFORE submitting the application (see information above)



After you submit your application, we will send you an invitation to submit a brief video interview. This allows us to get a sense of who you are, so have fun and make sure you answer the questions completely.



Since you'll be working with youth, you MUST pass a background check. The cost of the background check is covered by your first month's subscription to OASIS.



Depending on which level you select, you will be have to complete training and/or orientation. You will be given all the information that you need to become an OASIS STEM Coach or to build a STEM learning micro-business in your community!

Wakanda Now!

Everyone has heard the adage “It takes a village to raise a child.” With OASIS Live, we're gathering, empowering, and deploying that village! Here at OASIS we leverage the power of the village (and technology) to expose youth to the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) in grades K-8. 

With OASIS, we're building "Wakanda Now" by introducing youth to the emerging technologies of today to inspire them to create the future of tomorrow.  

OASIS Live invites independent operators from across the U.S. to help us deliver quality STEAM learning to youth everywhere. Learn more below; then apply, and we'll be in touch shortly!
 Email us at for more details about the Side Hustle and Startup options.
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Eradicating STEM Deserts

Hub learning is on-demand, online STEAM learning for groups. Our labs are designed to be delivered in a group setting and are packed full of hands-on activities. Our motto is Learn. Build Play. and we design our labs to follow this sequence so that the youth learn “how things work” and are fully engaged with activities that reinforce their learning.

Hub Learning is great for after-school clubs and organizations, scout troops, homeschooling co-ops, or any setting where youth in grades K-8 gather to learn and play.

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