Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is an OASIS Lab?
OASIS Labs are project-based, online video classes that teach STEAM! 

Simply put, they are hands-on, instructor-led STEAM classes for groups. They are designed to be delivered in group settings and are packed full of hands-on activities (because we ship the equipment/materials to you) that are experienced at your location. Our mantra is Learn. Build. Play. and we design our labs to follow this sequence so that the youth learn “how things work” and are fully engaged with activities that reinforce their learning.

In addition to the online videos, you also get ALL of the materials/equipment that you need shipped directly to your location! These materials are used in concert with the videos to provide the hands-on learning piece. 

OASIS Labs are great for schools, after-school clubs and organizations, scout troops, homeschooling co-ops, or any setting where youth in grades K-8 gather to learn and play.
Q: How does it work and what type of equipment is needed?
Traditional online learning is an individual endeavor where the student simply sits in front of a computer and consumes content while clicking a mouse. Our labs change this dynamic by making online learning a group activity while still maintaining the in-person, hands-on aspects of traditional classroom learning.

Each of our labs consists of 1-4 sessions. Though most organizations typically complete one session per week, your organization can complete labs anyway you see fit--hourly, daily, or weekly.

At least one adult should act as a Coach to hand out materials and to take cues from the instructor. We really try to make it as easy as “Just Pressing Play” on the videos!

The only equipment you will need is a projector or television to play the videos. Your location will also need to have an internet connection and computer.
Q: Does the Coach have to teach any material?
No, none at all! There is NO training required! The Coach will only have to watch a few short videos prior to each session, but as far as content knowledge, the instructor does all the teaching.

That said, we do offer training (if requested) for large organizations that want to roll out to multiple locations. 
Q: What type of topics will be taught?
Our goal at SIMPLR is to introduce kids to emerging technologies of the future such as drones, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and much more. Our mission is to excite youth and drive their interest in STEAM and STEAM-related fields. 
Q: Why are OASIS Labs good for STEAM enrichment and how will it benefit youth in grades K-8?
OASIS Labs are perfect for STEAM enrichment because they preserve the hands-on nature of STEAM learning while providing both access and expertise in an online format. Our labs are also standards-aligned, therefore, youth are able to build on skills/topics they're learning in school in an out-of-school setting.

Elementary and middle-school aged youth will benefit because they’re being exposed to STEAM content that will help to develop their spatial-intelligence, teamwork, and problem solving skills. And more significantly, they will get a jumpstart on the technologies that will impact their lives. Our hope is that this content will inspire them to become creators, rather than simply consumers, of technology. 
Q: How do I sign up?
Just click the “Create a Free Account” button in the menu above to be taken to create an account. You will then be able to purchase one lab (or more) per group or location. Please note that our terms of service state that one lab or more can be purchased per location; therefore, if an organization has multiple locations, one lab (or more) still must be purchased for each location.

Online access to any purchased lab expires after 180 days but you get to keep ALL the materials and begin to build your technology resource library!

Have further questions?

We are happy to help.
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