It's Like Volunteering But Better!

Deliver STEM labs for youth in YOUR community--and make a "little change" doing it! We're a mission-driven EdTech company focused on eradicating STEM deserts. Join us by Coaching OASIS labs at youth-serving organizations in your community. You'll be part of our mission to expose EVERY child to quality STEM learning/experiences, no matter where they are. In addition, you'll be able to make some extra cash while supporting future innovators and technologists.

What is a STEM Coach?

Community-minded STEM advocates

Do you believe that every child should have access to quality STEM learning opportunities? We do too!

As a Coach you'll simply play the OASIS videos and follow along as the video instructor teaches the class and directs the coaches (that's you) to facilitate the in-class, hands-on activities.

All the materials you need will be shipped/delivered to the organization and ready for your first session. When you're done with the 4 week lab, you'll simply drop off the kit at the nearest FedEx and that's it!

You'll receive a stipend for your efforts! 

No long-term commitments required. Pick up as many (or as few) labs as you wish. 

You'll be a...


Connect with youth in underserved communities and serve as a positive role model for youth to emulate. 


Help to educate the next generation of technologists and leaders by facilitating STEM labs that focus on the emerging technologies that will impact their future.


The work you do will serve to build the technology leaders of tomorrow who will in turn create opportunities for their own communities.


Your efforts will inspire the youth to also serve their communities by giving of their time, effort, and skills in meaningful ways.
Join the Village!
Everyone has heard the adage “It takes a village to raise a child.” With OASIS Labs, we're gathering, empowering, and deploying that village! Here at OASIS we leverage the power of the village (and technology) to expose youth to the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) in grades K-8.

With OASIS, we're building "Wakanda Now" by introducing youth to the emerging technologies of today to inspire them to create the future of tomorrow.


Fill out a short interest form and we'll contact you with next steps. After a short video interview, where we'll get to know each other, we'll let you know if you're approved to be a Coach.


When we secure engagements with youth organizations, we send out the schedule to all the approved coaches in the relevant city and whoever is available can respond. Accept engagements at your own discretion!


We'll then pair a Coach with the organization! Once you're scheduled, you simply show up, get the materials, and facilitate the lab! No STEM knowledge is required, only a desire to empower youth!

What Are the Benefits?

Your assistance helps us accomplish the mission
For Coaches
Earn money while making an impact
No long term commitment
Inspire young learners
Learn valuable skills
Build the community
For Students
Hands-on learning
Highly engaging
Exposure to emerging technologies
Encourages collaboration
Fun and inspiring
For Schools/Organizations
Standards-aligned curriculum
In-person facilitator
Project based learning
Meets parents' demand for STEAM

Our Labs

Host our exciting STEM labs designed to introduce youth to the technologies that will impact their futures. More labs are being added all the time!
  • Game of Drones: Piloting

    The Game of Drones: Piloting lab introduces youth to the physics of flight, the technology that enables drones to fly, and gives them an opportunity to learn to fly drones. Over four sessions...

    I Am Wakanda: Magnetic Levitation

    Learn about magnetic levitation while building mini trains and learning about their connection to Wakanda. This FREE 1 hour workshop includes learning, building, and playing as...
  • LEGO Boost Robotics

    In this lab, we will build a robot made of LEGO blocks and electronic components that will allow us to program its movements. We will learn what a robot is as well as how ...

    Droid Programming

    Learn the basics of programming and robotics using Sphero Mini. This labs introduces learners to the fundamentals of programming by engaging their sense of play and competition. Over 4 hours...
  • 3D Pens & Prototyping

    In this lab, students will learn about the engineering design process (EDP) and how it's used to develop and improve prototypes. Learners will develop their fine motor skills...

    Intro. to Artificial Intelligence

    We'll explore how voice user interfaces (VUIs) are becoming more commonplace within our society. We'll learn how these artificially intelligent machines receive, decipher, and process our voice...
  • I Am Wakanda: Hack-A-Drone

    Over a two hour session, while working in teams, we will learn about drone technology and its connection to Wakanda and the movie Black Panther. During this 2 hour lab, we will ”hack”...

    Coming Soon-
    I Am Wakanda: Intro. to 3D Modeling

    Learn the basics of 3D modeling.

Learn More

I'm ready to go! What's next?



After you submit your interest form, we will send you an invitation for a brief video interview. This allows us to get a sense of who you are and vice versa. This is the first step. Don't worry, we won't take too much of your time.



Once you're approved, we will add you to our pool of approved coaches for your geographic area. When we secure engagements with youth organizations, we will send out the info to ALL the coaches. Those who can accommodate the schedule can submit their availability for consideration. 



Note: For first time coaches only. 
Once you've been paired with an organization, since you'll be working with youth, you MUST pass a background check. The cost of the background check is covered by OASIS and is conducted by a third party provider- we never see your personal information.



Before you go out you will need to complete a brief video training/orientation. You will be given all the information that you need to become an OASIS STEM Coach and help forward the mission of Opening Access to STEM in Informal Settings!
Eradicating STEM Deserts
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