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Hands-on, Video-Led STEM Labs That Inspire Wonder!

We are on a mission to eradicate STEM deserts by making quality STEM learning/experiences more accessible to ALL.


Standards-aligned curriculum designed to engage young learners and nurture curiosity. More labs are being added all the time!
  • Game of Drones: Piloting

    The Game of Drones: Piloting lab introduces youth to the physics of flight, the technology that enables drones to fly, and gives them an opportunity to learn to fly drones. Over four sessions...

    I Am Wakanda: Magnetic Levitation

    Learn about magnetic levitation while building mini trains and learning about their connection to Wakanda. This FREE 1 hour workshop includes learning, building, and playing as...
  • LEGO Boost Robotics

    In this lab, we will build a robot made of LEGO blocks and electronic components that will allow us to program its movements. We will learn what a robot is as well as how ...

    Droid Programming

    Learn the basics of programming and robotics using Sphero Mini. This labs introduces learners to the fundamentals of programming by engaging their sense of play and competition. Over 4 hours...
  • 3D Pens & Prototyping

    In this lab, students will learn about the engineering design process (EDP) and how it's used to develop and improve prototypes. Learners will develop their fine motor skills...

    Intro. to Artificial Intelligence

    We'll explore how voice user interfaces (VUIs) are becoming more commonplace within our society. We'll learn how these artificially intelligent machines receive, decipher, and process our voice...
  • I Am Wakanda: Hack-A-Drone

    Over a two hour session, while working in teams, we will learn about drone technology and its connection to Wakanda and the movie Black Panther. During this 2 hour lab, we will ”hack”...

    Coming Soon-
    I Am Wakanda: Intro. to 3D Modeling

    Learn the basics of 3D modeling.



Our goal at OASIS is to prepare children in grades K-8 for the future. Our labs, are designed to expose youth to the technologies, concepts, and ideas that will impact their lives. These technologies include (but are not limited to) the following:

Artificial Intelligence (A.I)

Depending on who you talk to, the proliferation of artificial intelligence is a wonderful prospect or a world ending one...

Drone Technology

Drone technology will become more common in our day-to-day lives. Soon our mail, food, and even humans will be carried to-and-fro by drones...


The robots are coming! Robots are already in place in many if not most of our manufacturing plants. As the years pass, robots will continue...

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality will change the way we interact with the physical world. Not only can Augmented Reality (AR) overlay digital images onto the real world...

Internet of Things (IoT)

Our world is becoming more "connected" everyday. Our appliances, automobiles, and possibly our bodies will soon be connected to the internet...

3D Printing

3D printing has been identified as a technology of the future. Companies, engineers, and even hobbyists are now able to build prototypes rapidly...

How It Works

Designed to be a turnkey solution for providing STEAM learning!

Once you request a lab, we'll send out a STEM Coach to facilitate the lab at your location.

We'll ship the materials needed for the hands-on learning directly to your location for our Coach to use during the lab.

Our Coach facilitates the lab. They play the videos and follow Mr. Mo as he teaches the class and directs the coaches. 

Watch the STEAM learning happen! By following along as Mr. Mo instructs the class- the kids will get hands on with the materials and activities while the coaches assists. Learning, Building, and Playing is now accessible to all!


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Site Manager, After-School All-Stars, Ohio
"Our 5th grade group really enjoyed the first class and are looking forward to next week. Cassady has a very diverse population and our Somali students really enjoyed OASIS and talked about it all programming yesterday! Thank you so much for the opportunity."

Tajudeen A. Bakare 
Director of Educational Programs, Second Ward Community Initiative (SWCI)

"The idea of bringing OASIS to our organization’s labs this year is welcomed by our students and the Board of Directors as it provides a great opportunity of bringing high quality STEM learning experiences to our youth on a continuous and consistent basis."

Tyson Bell
Teacher at Weinland Park Elementary

"My 4th grade students absolutely enjoyed this program. It was interactive, fun and engaging for them. They were able to not only have time to be involved with objects of flight, but they also learned the science behind it all as well. I would highly recommend this program to any school. Your students will truly SOAR!!"

Allen Taggart
Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development

"It was very user friendly and the instructions were well laid out. I loved using the online class. The kids loved learning with the drones, and it was a great experience teaching them the principles of flight with the other hands-on activities such as the propellers."
Eradicating STEM Deserts
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